Stinging Pest Control

Here at Bat, Bee & Hornet Removal Service, we specialize in the removal of pests of all kinds. One type of removal that we hold to high importance is stinging pest control. Stinging pest control is an important task because stinging pests can be a danger to adults and children. When dealing with stinging pests you can be painfully stung and some may even experience an allergic reaction. Stinging pests such as bees, wasps, or hornets are a common allergen that affects humans world wide. Because of this, we place the removal or stinging pests at the top of our list.

We are skilled at the removal of the following stinging pests:

  • Yellow jacket
  • Digger wasps
  • Cicada (Killer) wasp
  • Mud dauber wasp
  • Bald-faced hornet
  • European hornet
  • Carpenter bees
  • Bumble bees
  • Honey bees
  • Sweat bee
  • And more

If your home or business has been invaded by stinging pests, it is crucial that you call in the professional team at Bat, Bee & Hornet Removal Service to remove the pests safely and effectively. If stinging pests feel threatened or are disturbed you may be risking getting stung by one or multiple bees, wasps or hornets.